Academic Research

As a teacher-scholar-administrator, I value intersections between the practical and the theoretical. My research lives in and between the intersections of writing program administration, feminist research methodologies and pedagogies, embodied rhetorics, writing teacher preparation and development, and digital and multimodal writing. As an administrator and a practitioner of teacher-research methodology, I especially value studying writing programs as sites of inquiry—I see writing program research as wholly collaborative, situated in and affecting communities centered on writing.

I will defend my dissertation, titled Rhetorical Embodied Performance in/as Writing Instruction: Practicing Identity and Lived Experience in TA Education," in April 2019. The project is based on a qualitative mixed-methods case study of the composition practicum at Bowling Green State University. I employ feminist community-based teacher-research methodology to investigate how a cohort of first-year graduate teaching associates address embodiment and performance as identity-informing praxis in their teaching practice, and how they represent such practice in their teaching portfolios. My dissertation research blog, which I use to update my co-researchers on my research progress, is accessible by invitation only. Please contact me if you'd like to request access.


I focus on themes of writing program inquiry, feminist research and pedagogy, and embodied rhetorics in my publications and conference presentations as well. In my recent peer-reviewed article, "Toward a Rhetoric of Body as Space" (available in Peithovol. 21 no. 2), I argue for a notion of embodied rhetoric that invites critical, ethical examinations of bodily space. At the 2018 Council of Writing Program Administrators annual conference, I presented with Sara Austin on our collaborative study of first-year TAs teaching a Writing About Writing curriculum: view our presentation slides through Google Slides. I also presented based on my dissertation findings at the 2019 CCCC convention, with a paper titled "Performing Embodied Reflection in the Composition Practicum,."

My research agenda further details how my past, current, and future research projects reflect the work and values I share here.

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