Lessons & Activities

On this page I share a few example lessons and activities from my teaching.


This PowerPoint presentation (below) is from a guest lecture I gave to Dr. Cheryl Hoy's undergraduate Advanced Composition class at Bowling Green State University. During the class meeting, we discussed academic genres, including what to expect from conference presentations and the process of submitting an article for publication.

These activities (below), developed for my Academic Writing course at Bowling Green State University, are meant to help students generate research topics. The first activity is a topic generation interview, which asks students to interview each other in pairs in order to draw out their personal interests. Thus, the goal for this activity is to get students thinking about problems/concerns that affect their lives and interests. The second activity builds on the topic generation interview by asking students to dive deeper into their topic(s) using stasis theory. The goal of this activity, then, is to help students narrow their topic into a problem/concern that is both meaningful and manageable for their research project.

I developed and taught these activities before I became invested in writing-about-writing curricula. In my future first-year writing courses, I would likely adapt these activities to get students thinking about (their) writing as content for their research. Still, these activities demonstrate the kind of community building and collaboration, as well as deep reflective thinking, I encourage in all of the classes I teach.